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Promotion of my youtube video regarding SEO Web design in Oakland CA

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Web design company Youtube Video promotion in Google search. Especially, Promotion of my youtube video regarding Web design in Oakland CA

I created my youtube video for my web design company to elevate Google search result in a keyword of “web design in Oakland CA.”

Promoting your new website is tough if there are much competition on your popular keywords.
For the new site holder, instead of move up your website, it might be a good idea to do SEO work your authority sites, such as your Yelp business page, youtube videos, or even one of your yellow page links or Ebay item list link.

In my case, I decide to raise my youtube video of my business presentation that includes my website address, phone number, and company name. The Youtube Video list distinctively shows the little fame of photo on the search result, so it is more efficient to have a chance to click it.
This is based on my imagination, I do not know the actual result. Here is an actual example of my Youtube Video for “web design in Oakland CA.”

This Youtube video has excellent photos and background music from Youtube free music library.
I created with Apple iMac, iMovie program, take only 30 minutes to finish. Just select the beautiful web design related photos that I bought or captured from a website that I created, and arrange in iMovie, then add the free background music. That’s it!. And publish on Youtube.

Some important thing in youtube publishing, you’d better include your website links and related keywords in youtube detail section. This is kind of precious link that you can put on the authority site like youtube.com.

A small web design company like us, do not have much budget for the paid advertisement. I think this is some way to advertise yourself in youtube without spending much money.

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